N091178 Purple Haze Sydney

Welcome to Christopher J Ashdown Photography...

Welcome to my display of photographic art. I have shared here my favourite landscapes and moments from over the years travelling Australia. 
I have a passion for the coast and love to capture that awesome moment when you're absorbed in the beauty, colour and movement of the landscape.

My images here are what drives me to get out of bed at crazy early hours for sunrise and miss dinner time during sunsets. I hope you enjoy browsing and please return to see what's new. 
Found something you really connect with? that gives you a nice feeling? or just think it would look great on your wall? well then, you can own it!

Prints and creations of my images are produced by professionals and the results are awesome! I have three huge prints on my wall myself. 

Follow the buy buttons and have fun discovering the options to create a piece that suits your space. 

Thanks again for looking,